October 24, 2006

Someone's in the kitchen with Gwendolyn

Recipe: Gwen Stefani Song

2 cups famous tune from Broadway musical or film
2 cups marching band beat
1 cup rapper feature
1 cup drum majorette sylin'
1 cup Cali Valley girl rapping
2 tablespoons references to candy or bright colors
1 tablespoon namecheck to artist clothing line
½ teapsoon references to entourage / girl dancer posse / ladeez in waiting

I hope that Wind It Up is not the actual single but just a buzz track. First Fiddler On The Roof, now Sound Of Music? Oy vey esmir! I know that some readers are enamored with this song, but I am not. Listen to it at the usual places. Thanks Wongie!


D'luv said...

Wow, she looks great! Spank that treadmill, girl!

D'luv said...

Okay, just heard the song. Suuu-uuuuu-uuu-ckfest.

xolondon said...

It's an old picture from before her pregnancy FYI. I just had not used it yet.

Now that I know this is the real single, I wonder if a yodeling craze will happen? Maybe a remix with snaggle toothed Jewel? A photo op with Julie Andrews?

DanProject76 said...

Oh please... She's a doll... and not in a flattering way.

I am still not convinced that she didn't used to have a penis either!


Sorry XO.

sam said...

Peter Macia's review from Pitchfork.com expresses my feelings about this tripe pretty well. Sorry to hate, but Pharrel = lame. Gwen = lame.

What's really awesome about this song is Pharrell Williams's evolution from "Liberace fingers" to Liberace insanity, sampling the The Sound of Music's "The Lonely Goatherd" and flipping it into the most punishingly ludicrous club jam since "The Ketchup Song". I would indict Chad Hugo, as well, but this has the stink of a Skateboard P creation รก la jeans with a neon panther on the crotch. He's got Gwen yodeling and groaning all over this mess, and she will undoubtedly be backed by some horrifyingly miswardrobed Gestapo girls in the video. But her moronic "street slang" is completely secondary to the rattling beer steins and clippety-cloppety clogdancing of which the beat is almost entirely constructed. I mean, I get it, you've run out of ideas. It's the Age of Chaos and all, but in what club outside of the Epcot Biergarten would this be hot? And what numbskull outside of the lederhosened Floridians earning $7 an hour to wiggle and slap their fat asses in said Biergarten would want to dance to such a clutzy and cartoonish song? Is this Fergie's fault? Is Fergie the goatherd? Who is the goatherd?

countpopula said...

Sorry guys, I like this song. I saw her do it live a year ago, and can't wait for the official release. Some may find it cheesy, campy, silly, goofy, etc. I think it's a brilliant concept, like an amped-up Hollaback Girl on acid. Can't wait for the video either--I'm sure it will go some of the way to win people over like the fantastic new Fergie vid does.

wongie said...

thanks for the shout out! how are you doing sweetie? saw that you met the lead singer of the feeling. he is indeed a cutie!