October 25, 2006

Robyn hits the UK. Finally.

Robyn has a new EP coming out in the UK that includes an acoustic version of her pop hit Be Mine. Here is a clip of her singing it on TV. I think she is lovely. That's my word for her. And part of me is happy to have Robyn as a secret from the rest of the crass, trash-lovin' world.

The spoken word bit of the performance above reminds me very much of Rickie Lee Jones, for those who know her. The Rakamonie E.P. is released in the UK on November 20th and has these tracks:

1. Konichiwa Bitches MP3
2. Cobrastyle (aka Girliestyle)
3. List Of Demands (live, feat. Jenny Wilson)
4. Be Mine (ballad version)
5. Jack U Off (kooky Prince cover)

XO's Bonus:

Robyn Oh Baby MP3 I fucking love this ballad expired
Robyn Handle Me video
Robyn Be Mine (original) video


D'luv said...


Henry said...

ohh gotta love those song titles!

PinkieDust said...

I love the Robyn.

PinkieDust said...

Where is With Every Heartbeat?

midnight lounge said...

midnight lounge is a *big* fan of Robyn...the upcoming CD will be a great update. I hear Konichiwa Bitches will get a remix...

Robpop said...

Pinkie, the song you mention is not a Robyn song per se. Its a very recent collab. It might end up on the UK re-release of Robyn as a bonus. If you read the comments in DontStopthePop you'll see it'll be a single for jan with the video director comfirming it on me blog :)

Paul said...

dear lord i haven't gotten into robyn either (yet ironically it seems so many gay men have, ba dom tssssk!) - what is wrong with me?

xolondon said...

I don't love early Robyn, but the recent few albums are well worth your hard earned $$