October 12, 2006

Quote of the Week

Lupe Fiasco, the rapper, in GQ, August 2006:

I wear the $50 gold Casio to spit in the face of the ridiculous, overpriced jewelry. But I had a meeting with Pharrell recently and he was like, “Yo that’s what I’m talking about – I’m doing one of those for (my line with) Louis Vuitton!” I was like, “Please don’t! Just leave me be!”

Bravo Fiasco! (ed: that phrase sounds good!). Bling is bull and does not represent the lifestyle of most fans. Even Madonna did a cheap H&M warm-up suit. If you are rich enough to buy a Louis Vuitton watch, would you get one that was produced by...Pharrell? What happened to Mr. Neptune? He’s so predictable now - where he was once anti-establishment, he has now joined the ranks. Anyway, the Lupe Fiasco song with Jill Scott, called Daydreamin', is pretty good. See the video above. I also like his video for I Gotcha.

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