October 29, 2006

Mr. Bex: Guess who gets the best of her

Memo to Sophie: Dahling, your husband is ill. I encountered him sprawled on a couch in a bookstore yesterday afternoon, looking quite still, clutching a bottle of water. Though he was sullen, he soldiered on and warbled a tune for me. Please, text him immediately. The last I saw him, he was sat at a table saying "take me home, take me home..."

PS: Dear Jimmy (MP3 snippet) is mahvelous, but do get out the new single now!
PPS: I see you've lost weight. In fact you look quite small in that chair.

Picture of La Bex by Dave H, fan in Sophie's forum. More on my encounter with The Feeling tomorrow.


xolondon said...

Dear Xolondon, This post is really faggy. Love you anyway, Xolondon

Paul said...

Dear Xolondon, we wouldn't have you any other way. Maybe just in your chunky knit stripe scarf look, but no, no other way. TheZapping.