October 12, 2006

Learning moment: Kate Havnevik

Kate Havnevik is - ta-dah! - a lovely Norwegian singer songwriter. Cut to the chase: If you like Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, Bjork, Mozez and Sia, you should listen. The music is lush, symphonic and strong on melody. Kate's debut CD is called Melankton (which means black rose) and is out in the UK on Oct. 16, but available now on iTunes. She recently gained a small following after her song Unlike Me was in an episode of... you guessed it, Grey's Anatomy (note it's also been used on Veronica Mars and The OC). The music is very new to me, so I don't have a huge amount to say yet, except try it!

Note that Guy Sigsworth, one of my favorite musicians, produced three songs for the CD: Unlike Me, Not Fair and You Again. Kate really is a natural extension of the type of music Imogen Heap is making, so I highly suggest you listen to her.

click on cover to buy the CD


countpopula said...

Thanks so much for this! I went directly to iTunes to download, as it could be weeks before the CD hits my store. Excellent album, especially if you love Frou Frou & Imogen Heap. A most excellent recommendation, and my first iTunes full length purchase...all because of you!

lucas said...

I'm loving the new (?) song on iTunes: "So:Lo"