October 3, 2006

Imogen Heap: new single and video

Imogen Heap, bless her, went to Tanzania this summer to gather sounds for a soundtrack to a new film about flamingos. She has a very detailed post about on her iblog. Looks great in the pics, doesn't she? I imagine that I would not photograph so well in the wilds of Africa. Wilted and frizzed would be my look.

Meanwhile, her next single is due out October 16. It's
Headlock and there will be a new all-vocal song, Mic Change on the b-side. Check out Homoeclectic for her other new song, Glittering Clouds, a pop song about a plague of locusts, though you'd never know it from the general Immi-ness of it. You can buy it in stores now as part of the Margate Exodus art project. Also note that Zeon has a Heaptastic post this week too.

The Headlock video is below. Someone at PopJustice said it reminded them of early Tori Amos videos - this is true. You know, back when Tori was, as she once said, exploring the energy of the cube.

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M. said...

awww, thats a cute video, I love her and she does remind me of Tori, and ya the first time I saw it I was like lol that really reminds me of Tori Silent all these years video :D bless them both though...