October 6, 2006

Hot things this week (or wot I liked)

AbstractBoy's review of Patrick Wolf

Zeon for his Lily Allen Does Keane coup.

A must-see post for Robbie and PSB fans over at Kofi's Hat.

Tremble Clef for his review of Bertine Zetlitz's album.

Sugababes attempt at vogueing. Wicked tune.

Fields new song title: Charming The Flames

The unbearableness of Sting's vocals on his lute CD made me giddy

Robbie's cover of Kiss Me is better than the original

Madonna mixing with mortals the middle of nowhere

Jefitoblog's post on Crowded House

Jefitoblog's use of the word audiogalaxy. Le sigh!

The title of Lorraine's forthcoming album, Pop Noir

Exclusive track: Patrick Wolf Blue Bells

oh, and my hair is fantastic this week. perfect. figures it's due to be cut next week.

1 comment:

Paul said...

i wanna see the perfect hair. hair is very important you know for slightly shallow people like me...