October 8, 2006

Catching up with Himbo and Co.

Himbo Martin photo courtesy of BWO.ru

Just in case you didn't hear it: BWO is releasing a remix album on December 27 (huh?) called Halcyon Nights. Please! I still haven't found a way to buy Halcyon Days without dipping into retirement money! Note that all the pop bloggers can also chill: their demands have been met and Chariots of Fire (higher and higher!) is the next single.


Marty said...

BWO @ cd wow

here's where got mine... only 8.99, not really gonna break the bank is it.

xolondon said...

Thanks Marty! Were you able to load it to iTunes or anything? I have ordered stuff from them that is copy-protected and I can't get it onto my ipod. Not sure if that is still ture (or true across the board).


Paul said...

i loaded my copy onto iTunes :) I am v excited that chariots of fire is indeed a single and i will indeed chill now ;)

Marty said...

yeah there new album rips fine, not sure if it is copy protected or not. I know the first one was, but that was easy enough to get around, you've just got to get yourself a decent enough ripping program.