September 29, 2006

When will the boy ever learn?

Yesterday started so well. Early in the day someone said to me, "You are on fire today!" and then at some point I just blew the fuck up! Sigh. How it all comes crashing back down with one bad decision about how to react to something I was unhappy about. So then you get into that "I am 3? years old and still my greatest opposer" thing. The truth is that this year I have reigned myself in numerous times.

Thus thus thus! Today we are featuring a mini-mix of quietish tunes for fall. I suspect it feels more like that in England than it does here, but soon that will change. When I was a kid, I wore overalls every Friday. Seriously! Every year I say I am going to buy some. Maybe this year?

Ray La Montagne Be Here Now
Ray is slipping in as the new cross between Van Morrison and John Martyn. This new song will leech emotions right out of you.
Mae Moore Bohemia
Recorded with The Church. Kind of geeky in some ways, but it reminds me of one particularly lovely fall in the 90's.
Love Spit Love Am I Wrong
Heh. No comment as it is all in the lyric.
Indigo Girls Mystery
Does Paul's Ruthiepoo read this? Lesbians in love, yes, but this song is for everybody.
Jeff Buckley Last Goodbye
I put this perfect song on here because there are some young readers of this blog who may hear JB mentioned but not know him.

The picture, btw, is last year at this very time, when I went to see my twin pals in Boston. Pumpkin patches are a big thing here.


Paul said...

ruthiepoos does read this blog inbetween her nursing shifts and we both love the indigo girls almost as much as we love that pic of the pumpkin kids. Adorable...

hope you ok? Don't beat yourself up too much...:(

xolondon said...

No worries! I am fine. I did some followup damage control! :)

ADD said...

It's never as bad as TV thinks it is; he is masterful and chic in all ways.

xolondon said...

Anne calls me TV because, guess what, I'm a TRANNY! Chickwithadick, hidin' my candy! (I'm a liar too)

V said...

Oh that Love Spit Love track was a constant in my mixed tapes back in the 90s! Love the lyrics to that one.

D'luv said...

Great post title... perhaps that question is best posed to Congressman Mark Foley?

babs said...

When will the girl ever learn too? Hi Gabriel and Noah...Love the fall and I love the tunage. I think you put some of the songs on a mix of mine a million years ago.