September 23, 2006

Surely this isn't real?

The horrible new Sugababes CD cover. The blond, Heidi Range,
is usually quite stunning, but here she looks washed out and
stunned. Amelle on the right looks cross-eyed and Keisha, on the
left, looks kind of scissor-headed.

Go back to the drawing board please!


Samuel said...

It does look a bit blah, doesn't it.

They need something similar to the cover of anything Lily Allen - always bright, and happy!

PinkieDust said...

What the fuck are they all wearing! Its all toooo complicated.

ADD said...

Scissor-headed? Definition, please.

xolondon said...

I can't define it. She looks wonky in the pic!

If this were Project Runway, we would say that Amelle's dress was not made for her body.

Cook In / Dine Out said...

I think this whole thing is a real fiasco. I've heard that Heidi is re-recording Siohban's vocals for songs from their first album, such as "Overload."

xolondon said...

I THINK it's just two tracks that have Amelle added (or maybe that is all from that era?)

PinkieDust said...

Have you seen the shoddy but rather post-modern 5-set cover put together by popjustice? It actually works.

D'luv said...

I'm sorry... Popwhere??

You bitches are crazy... there's nothing wrong with this cover. I even think it's lame of them to leave off "Follow Me Home." It's like they've disowned it because it didn't go Top 10.... or Top 20..... hmmm... or Top 30.... well, maybe that was a good decision.