September 16, 2006

nano nano

Details on the new iPod generation

The tiny new Shuffle is 1 gig and $79 USD - I want!
The new 80 gig iPod is $350 USD
The new colored Nano is cute, but not worth the cost


D'luv said...

And iTunes 7 is so not cute since it F'd my iPod up and I had to 'restore to factory settings,' losing my 4,000 songs. Luckily I have them all on CD still.... but Jeez, now I gotta rip them all again.

Paul said...

aw d'luv - how horrific :( I feel for you. Boo iTunes 7 you skanky whore (oh my dad told me off for saying whore on my blog comments - he said people aren't bitches pimps and hos. I was like - dad, you're 66 please don't say pimps.)