September 5, 2006

Lloyd Cole is my boyfriend.

Not really, but I have been in a long affair with Lloyd Cole's music. Here is "I Am Not Willing," a teaser from his new album Antidepressant. Whether that title will prove tongue-in-cheek is unclear now, but I think this cover of a Moby Grape song is quite sweet... does anyone here know any other Moby Grape songs? Not me! Lloyd's voice never changes - everytime I see him, he comes out, the crowd hushes and waits. When he finally sings, it's like seeeing the Eiffel Tower. His voice is just so... iconic.

Lloyd Cole
I Am Not Willing

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homoeclectic said...

Been listening to Antidepressant the past couple of days - never having heard a LC album previously - I have to say; I love his voice!