September 20, 2006

Leif, Johnny and swag: Win a Razorlight CD


I have a theory that Johnny Borrell of Razorlight is actually the lovechild of Leif Garrett. What do you think? Watch the Leif Garrett video further down for more evidence... it's just a certain something. Don't be angry with me, Johnny Borrell!



Razorlight are, on October 2, to release a new single in England for "America" one of the more epic songs on the album. It's pretty, timely and sounds like a bid for the big-time. Thanks to Filter, here is a legal MP3:

Razorlight America

Would you like to win a free Razorlight CD? The album, titled Razorlight, is a pop-rock gem, really accessible and melodic. A great album for driving, err, if I had a car. If you want to win a CD, answer this trivia question:

Q: Razorlight references what famous pop-rock group on the title of their song "Don't Go Back (To Dalston)"? Bonus hint - their new CD has another song title referencing this same world-famous group.

Answer in the comments field. I'll leave this open for one week. If multiple people get it right, which they will, I will pick a winner randomly (honest!) and we'll send you the CD.

Here is the new video for "America"

Finally, that Leif Garrett video...looks like Johnny and sounds like the Scisstors?

Johnny or Lief? Hmmm...


V said...

I'm gonna say R.E.M.

Am I right?

Pierre said...

I must say I'm not quite sure of who Leif Garrett is, but I've always thought that Borrell was the spitting image of a young Mark Knopfler.

Cook In / Dine Out said...

It's R.E.M. The reference is to their song "Don't Go Back to Rockville" (Rockville being a rather icky sprawling asphalt-laden suburb of DC). Don't enter me for the drawing--I already have the Razorlight CD.