September 27, 2006

It's a fire I cannot put out.

I love this Nerina Pallot single, "Sophia" (pronounced "so-fai-uh"). Sparing the details, I discovered this song on a weekend when something unpleasant happened and I played it incessantly. The lyric has nothing to do with what I was thinking about, but it sort of went with the emotion I was (and was not) feeling. The video is really good, given that it's a girl at a piano. On fire. Nerina gets extra gold stars for looking like the love child of Kylie Minogue and Fred from Angel (ne Amy Acker).

Nerina Pallot Sophia

Be sure to see Zappin for a loved-up pic of Paul and Nerina and some bonus tracks.

1 comment:

Brittle said...

That can't be good for the piano's tuning. Next: Nerina sings a song to "Peter," and the video accordingly features people lining up to take a piss on her instrument. At least that would put out the flames, though.

Hope you're okay, post-unpleasantness.