September 9, 2006

Hi, hello, wake from thy sleep

Patti Smith by Robert Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith talked this week to The Times (London) about her love for the late Robert Mapplethorpe. There is one bit that stands out, where she talks about her friends and lovers who have died:

Every one of them has magnified me. I’ve got better and better as a person with each loss. I try not to go too far into being sad. It can be a dark place. But most of the time I’m filled with energy and love. When Robert died, the energy I had was from all the things I knew of him and his life. Everything in my body
was so accessible through him.
I have a suspicion that there are readers of this blog who will think, Who is Patti Smith and why would I want to hear her? She's a poet who can sing and write great tunes and she was not in Scandal. Her most famous song is "Because The Night." For those who doubt Patti's poprock prowess, listen to "Frederick" below. It is one of the sweetest, happiest songs ever written. That's my favorite part at the end of this post.

Wave 1979
Patti Smith Frederick
Patti Smith Dancing Barefoot

Dream Of Life 1988
Patti Smith People Have The Power
Patti Smith Paths That Cross

I am a threshold
Yearning to sing
Down with the dancers
Having one last fling
Here's to the moment
When you said Hello
Come on my spirit
Are you ready let's go


D'luv said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I have never taken that step toward educating myself on Patti Smith. The only song I have with her is R.E.M.'s "E-Bow The Letter."

Thanks for posting these starter tunes!

The Dancing Kids said...

lol not in scandal lol lol lol

The Dancing Kids said...

oh - also - the readers of this blog should know that we wouldn't HAVE a WRITER of this blog if not for Patti! :)

xolondon said...

Princess, you can tell the kids that I am actually Patti's son, it's okay fo them to know. Fair disclosure.

BTW you are mentioned in another comments section, but not by name. In a good way!