September 17, 2006

Drag queens ready to jump

You have to hand it to Madonna fans. They can be endlessly clever when they want to be. I am assuming this is a drag queen...if not, I feel bad for thinking so! Anyway, some queen made a video for Madonna's upcoming single "Jump" that not only references the first two videos for COAD, but cleverly utilizes some Madge video cliches, like finding one man in a crowd and the final few seconds that seem candid, but you just know were planned. It's quite good. I give it an A+. Draq queen may live.

More information on Madonna's next single


D'luv said...


I listened to Confessions this weekend for the first time the whole way through since last year... it's definitely been a grower with me. Too bad U.S. radio programmer didn't catch on quicker.

xolondon said...

NOW you say it's a grower!? NOW? Better late than never.