September 6, 2006

The banner

If you're interested in the pic on the banner, it has nuthin' to do with nuthin'. In July I took a picture of a creepy psychosexual child-in-makeup mannequin in a store window in the West Village. The store shall remain nameless so some twat doesn't come after me to demand a copyright fee. So there it is, because, you know, it looked cool.

Now, a question: Does this blog load slowly for you? I think it is a little slower if there are Youtube videos, but I don't see a difference between the templates. What has changed is the stats have plummeted. I still think it all went tear-shaped when Paul was away for a week and no one wanted to blog without him! I've also been very busy as of late, so with less energy and time to blog.


xolondon said...

not sure what happened but several folks posted comments that were sucked up by BLogger along with the header today. This is a repost.

homoeclectic said...

Well -I've name checked twice in 24 hrs - so you should see a tiny blip ;-)