September 30, 2006

Amy Winehouse comes into her Now

The new Amy Winehouse song / video "Rehab" is surely one of the best songs of 2006. It was produced by the stellar Mark Ronson and it seems to me Amy manages to capture something that Xtuna Aguilera could not: a song that works as both a throwback to 60's soul and is still totally in the now. (Note that Ronson produced for Xtuna as well as Robbie Williams on "Lovelight" and Lily Allen. What a year!). This song is addictive and joyful, and Amy's louche attitude in the video is hilarious. Notice how she's still saying No No No as she's in rehab at the end!

No good quality MP3 of this song yet, but you should buy single, out on Oct 23, followed by the album Back To Black on October 30. Be sure to check Homoeclectic for the goods, including the very Shirley Bassey-like title track.


Trasha said...

amen. this song is AMAZING!!! i love 60's throwback, but only when done WELL. this song has done it BETTER than any i've heard...amy comes from the wrong time. she should have grown up in detroit in the 50's.

Trasha said...

heard the other tracks you mentioned--i WILL buy this album!!! this sounds like an album i wish i would have made.

xolondon said...

It's very exciting. She was never on my radar before. I knew of her but kind of confused her with Katie Melua.

ADD said...

Love, love, love.

Btw, are we on a George Michael death-watch yet?