August 8, 2006

Your sheets are dirty, the streets are dirty too...

Torr sent me this nice piccie of Razorlight. If you click on it you can hear an audio stream (WM) of their new popcockrock single "In The Morning." I think that the Razorguy to the left of J-J-Johnny looks like Virginia Woolfe or maybe Roberta from Garp. I mean that with the utmost love.

Uh, anyway, Torr is a Los Angeleno now. I really need to come to Southern California. One of my closest friends is there, as are more than a few fabulous bloggers, artistes, editors and sluts (not to mention the
Dog Whisperer, who I'm obsessed by lately). If I come to LA, where should I gather my illustrious e-friends? Or should I just go out with each of them, one by one, until I am positively spent?

Unrelated PS: GO AWAY JOE LIEBERMAN. The love is gone.

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xolondon said...

Not one post about California, so clearly I am not wanted. Fuck it. Colorado is better. Coventry too?