August 17, 2006

Well, maybe ONE post...

The Killers preview. What, did Oliver Stone do a two-hour movie
for this video? A bit pretentious, but one has to admit it
looks faaaaahbulousssss

I cannot wait for this album. I will surely morph into
a teenager waiting for it.


D'luv said...

This has me thinking they need to do an It Couldn't Happen Here-type inane full-length motion picture.

Also, this seems to tie in to the cryptic Spanish imagery/wording that's been up on their site since the spring.

Thanks for posting, baby.

Paul said...

think of me when this premieres and i will be in a field with v festival goers poo and wee floating towards me as the toilets get rained out :( what a treat, sob :(

xolondon said...

Poor Paul, as I said on yer blog, go with the flow!