August 5, 2006

Two arty new videos

1. Keane's "Crystal Ball" What a strange video. Giovani Ribisi stars in this mini-film. I find the ending a bit disatisfying.

alternate link

2. Arctic Monkeys "Leave Before The Lights Come On" Better than the Keane! Filmed in Sheffield, starring Paddy Considine and Kate Ashfield ("Shaun Of The Dead") as a woman saved from jumping off a building. Watch it on youtube (they won't allow embedding). The song is not all that, by the way.


D'luv said...

This Keane video is approved by the Church Of Scientology.

Paul said...

i really like this keane video - or at least it makes me feel less sick than their last effort did. And it makes me like the track somewhat more than i already do... is it wrong that i wanted to give phoebe's brother a hug??

xolondon said...

I forgot he is one of THEM! He is finally looking his age.