August 18, 2006

There is a God and her name is Tracey

Tracey Thorn reports that her solo CD is done! She says, "After years of making records with Ben, it just seemed time to take a break, and do something fresh.. I've got together with a few different producers/ collaborators, and we've come up with a record that (I hope) is a true reflection of who I am right now and what I love right now."

The album, out on Virgin Records in March, includes:
  • Raise The Roof: a "shimmery piece of Scritti Politti-style pop"
  • What TT calls "some serene techno emptiness" with Martin Wheeler of Vector Lovers
  • A song that is "a bit of modernist heartbreak house" with ambient DJ Alex Santos
  • King's Cross: yes, the Pet Shop Boys song (!) done with harmonium and a brass band..
  • "An amazing pastoral arrangement of flutes and flugels" by Charles Webster
  • A-Z: about gay teenagers getting bullied at school
  • 7 new tracks done with collaborator/producer Ewan Pearson
  • Get Around To It: a cover of Arthur Russell's song that has "wonky freakout sax"
  • It's All True: The first single, described by Tracey as "pure early 80's New York dance pop," co-written with Sasse and Darshan Jesrani (aka Metro Area)
  • A piano ballad that sounds like "The Carpenters on acid"

A Valentine better than a chocolate box. To tide us over, some extraordinary tracks by Tracey and the original PSB track...

EBTG Mirrorball (DJ Jazzy Jeff Soul Full ReMix) exp

EBTG Miss You Any Further (EBTG vs. Dennis Edwards) exp

EBTG Two Star exp

Pet Shop Boys King's Cross exp


countpopula said...

Thanks so much for this news. I am a huge Tracey Thorn fan, and cannot wait to hear new music from her, as it has been far too long. She could sing me the phone book any day.

Daft Monk said...

Thanks for posting the info. Tracey has one of my favorite voices too and the extended EBTG break had me a bit concerned that we might not hear much from her in the future. This album sounds like it could be great with some interesting people on board. I can't wait.

DanProject76 said...


lucas said...

Yippeeeyiiiyay!!! This is the best music news in a while. I can't wait to hear this!! Thanks, XO!

trill42 said...

The album sounds very cool... though I do hope she keeps making music with Ben too! Thanks for all the info. (p.s. your PSB "King's Cross" link goes to "Two Star")

xolondon said...

thanks! the psb song is fixed now.

D'luv said...

I got the cassette of PSB Actually for my 14th birthday, and I used to play it when I had to do my weekly vacuuming of my parents' house. I always finished just as "King's Cross" came on. Ah, the smack of firm government.... it gets you everytime.