August 6, 2006

Shawn came home

On September 12, Shawn Colvin releases her new album These Four Walls. If you listen to the Amazon sampler, it appears that she is really back, recovering from the darkness of her last CD. Standout tracks appear to be "Tuff Kid" (in the "Get Out Of This House" mode), the elegant "Venetian Blue," "The Bird" and "I'm Gone," which has some nice guitar work. One great bit of news - she is finally covering Paul Westerberg's "Even Here We Are" on this CD. I saw her sing this live over 10 years ago.

The first single, not that there will be a real single, is "Fill Me Up" - a classic Shawn Colvin acoustic jaunt. It's been a long time coming, this record.
Listen to it AOL and read an amusing review of her recent zoo show (it's all the rage, performing at zoos). Read 2 earlier posts about Shawn here and here.

Shawn Colvin Even Here We Are older version live exp
Shawn Colvin Four Seasons In One Day live Crowded House cover exp
Shawn Colvin Amelia
live Joni cover exp

More details on the CD at / Note that a week after Shawn, Indigo Girls release a new disc (see 2 new songs here).

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