August 13, 2006

Sangria Sorbet Mix

I had a very nice weekend, especially because I discovered an amazing and not-fattening treat: sangria sorbet. A woman in quaint Del Ray makes it and now I want to go all the time. I have no idea how it was made, but it tastes just like red wine and has little shavings of orange and lemon zest in it! Sangria is one of my top 5 drinks, so I kept saying My God! as I ate it. Speaking of which, I spent this afternoon in the Bishop's Garden at the National Cathedral. Pretending I was in England, of course. Here is my Sunday evening mix...

Frank Silence
Whether or not the CD is a collection of Girls Aloud castoffs, this song is just as smooth as that sangria sorbet. Sad no one will hear it (except you!).

Brand New Heavies Love Is
I know that I claim not to like their new CD, yet here is another creamy track from N'dea et al. I was not in a fast mood this weekend, as you can hear.

Captain Build A Life
An it's-going-to-be-alright sort of tune, soothing on a Sunday night. This one presents a more mellow arrangement than much of the CD, which is released tomorrow. I think Paul and Maria would like this one a lot. Am I right?

Roddy Woomble If I Could Name Any Name
My new favorite from his excellent folk CD, this one featuring a guest appearance by folky Kate Rusby. A real grower, this song - I love his voice and am happy to hear it so clearly in this new context.

Feist Now At Last
This is not pop, but a lovely, woozy standard performed by indie gamine Leslie Feist on her '05 CD (she channels early Rickie Lee Jones here). The kind of song played in a dimly lit room at the end of the night...

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