August 31, 2006

Not pop: Wonderful song alert

All you need to hear is this one song. The band is Hem, the song
is "He Came To Meet Me" from their new album Funnel Cloud,
out on September 5. This is the kind of spine-tingling song that
goes straight through you, if you are a mushy "bloke" like me. It's
of a mood, the wat a movie like The Station Agent was of a mood,
you know what I mean? Everyone is blogging about Hem right now because they're really, really good. Folk-altpop-country, or country-
politan as they've described themselves. If you are a cheap pop tart
or disco slut, you should still listen. Everything converges in the right
way on this song.

He Came To Meet Me (Steve Curtis)

He came to meet me
On some July morning
He said he missed me
He came without warning
We walked for half a day
Got lost in my neighborhood
Came back another way
Just like I knew we would

And he came to meet me
He had some stories
He knew a few of mine
I had not heard his voice
For such a long time
My mind would race a bit
Come back to where we stood
I could not keep hold of it
Although I knew I should
And he came to meet me

I'd seen this whole day
Like it was drawing near
Sometimes I'd pray for it
Sometimes I'd shake with fear
Sometimes the only thought
That kept me in the night
Was one that I'd forgot
In summer's blinding light
And he came to meet me

I wrote myself a song
I could not speak what I'd done
He could've been here all along
He could've been anyone
But there is no one who
Could wake my heart like this
Could break my world in two
I felt a suddenness
I felt a suddenness
The day fell completely still
The dream was a lot like this
But I never knew until
He came to meet me

If don't want to or can't download, stream the song on Hem's myspace. Thanks Torr for the CD with this track.

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D'luv said...

I don't know why, but this song sounds a bit Crosby Stills & Nash to me... Very good tune! Between this and Rascal Flatts, I'm really thawing on country a bit this year...