August 10, 2006

News: Beware Of The Dog!

My sister Cassie The Dog is my blogstar today (see Jamelia news below). Doesn't she look, uh, intense here? ha!...This morning, once again, terrorists whip massive fear into our world to ludicrous degrees. Live your lives and don't think about it!...Euphoric reports that Neil Tennant is consulting with Rufus Wainwright on Rufus' self-produced 2007 album...Listen to The Boy Least Likely To's version of "Faith" ...Hotstuff Files interviews Alexis Strum, who promises upcoming suprises and looks v. pretty in the piccie...As hoped, gone-to-the-dark-side Joe Lieberman, who Laurie and I encountered on a sidewalk last fall, is on his way out. Good riddance!...Anyone heard the new Javine song? How is it?...How about a podcast with Pedro Almodóvar and Penélope Cruz. That's art!...Popjustice bets that The Song Of 2006 will be "Beware Of The Dog" the next one from Jamelia. Her current single (on a good music blog) is fine, but overrated, which happens in August...Paul has the new Dangerous Muse single! Act fast...Finally, the cunt that is Victoria Newton (and that's being nice: this woman has a place next to Ann Coulter in hell) does a track by track review of the new Killers CD.


Paul said...

will email you the new javine

do you think that dangerous muse will hunt me down and punish me for posting their song? One hopes so

boo to the terrorists :( I am v sad at this world sometimes. i would live my life but a plane flight without a book is just the living end :( what next - no luggage (yes i'm being glib and i'd rather be alive than dead in a terrorist attack...)

nice dog :)

D'luv said...

That dog needs a fingering.

xolondon said...

Fingering my dog?! What does that mean?