August 31, 2006

Music gets the best of me

Sorry trolls, La Bex has postponed her new record until January,
despite having the video and artwork ready. Le sigh. Until it gets
cold she'll be posing in her panties for Monsoon! So no Bex, but
here are some random tracks to mull over while we await the return
of Paul in 3 days...

Simply Red Oh What a Girl

Dangeous Muse The Break Up

Bertine Zetlitz Midnight

Cut Copy Saturdays

Javine Don't Let The Morning Come


D'luv said...

Sophie really should think about going on a low carb diet. I mean, I don't judge, and people can eat till they're happy, but, someone needs to step up and just say it, quite frankly: She's huge.

How was her last album not bigger? Okay, so I only knew "MIxed-Up World" and that follow-up single that wasn't as good that I can't remember the name of... BUT STILL... her name alone is worth at least another 40 or so more album sales, right?

"Mixed-Up World" was my Xmas 2003 jam.

xolondon said...

Jason! La Bextrexx is NOT fat! That is so LA of you. I am sure Sophie reads my blog and will cry over this.

Sophie has a cute song on the second album called "I Won't Change You" - the video is great- look for it on youtube.

D'luv said...

Uh, she looks anorexic here. That was a (failed) attempt at sarcasm up above.

Paul said...

i adore the bex! I have a gorgeous pic of her and her husband Mr Feeling somewhere that i must post.

Ps - i'm back :) Thanks for missing me. Orgasming over your lovely new layout!