August 5, 2006

Mini Mix Saturday Night

This week I started going to the swimming pool every night! That's a blurry night image of our pool from my window. The heat was so intense this week that I had no choice: out came my non-speedo bathing suit.

Now, I am not one to be running around semi-nude in public. If you see me at a beach with no shirt on, I will probably be shielding my person with a floatation device or something. I go down to the pool at 8:30 pm, dusk. The Tinkerbelle effect is in full mode, as my pale torso practically glows in the night. By the time I get in, there are usually less than 10 people in the whole pool area, so I have the deep end (lower left in pic) all to myself. I just paddle around, pondering my life, or do my granny swim, which is going the length of the pool with my head above water, kicking like a frog. You kow that stroke that mothers do? I do it too!

Here are some tunes I have been playing this week. Now, if I could only figuire out how to wear my iPod into the pool, the whole experience would be so much better!

Brand New Heavies "Music"
The only song I like from their new CD. I have nothing to say about this because I am distracted by a pussy battle going on near my feet. That's my cats fighting. Anyway, BNH kick out the jams with da lovely N'dea Davenport on vox.

Charlotte Gainsbourg "AF 607105"
I assume that is Air France with a flight number? Ma cheri Charlotte: meet moi at C deGaulle at 23:01. I'll be on one of those escalators in a clear tube, in black, with v. good shoes.

Luke Haines: "Off My Rocker At The Art School"
A collaboration with Richard X, so it is sure to hailed as Single Of The Year before anyone hears it (hey, the Jamelia song was Single Of the Year 2 days ago, so that's expired now). Good electrodisco stomper, yes!? Any trolls catch how Luke is connected with this blog?

Pet Shop Boys "Minimal (Telex Heaven Mix)"

A mix built upon the swooniest elements of perhaps what is realllly the Song Of The Year. It's positively tinkly.

Pink: "U And U'r Hand (Bimbo Jones Clean Edit)"
Was it Popjustice that popped over this? I fucking love this fucking album and this fucking song is fucking brilliant. Watch the fucking bitchin' video below. (Who was it that told me fuck should be used sparingly, so it has more impact? I thought they were talking about the act.)


Brittle said...

Your blog tagline is a quotation from "Being Andrew Ridgeley."

"What do I win, etc." "The speedos, etc." "Oh no, etc."

Paul said...

you told me to check ou that mix of psb and now i finally have and i am quite liking it. i am not quite as enamoured by pink this time out (or last album either actually) but she is winning me over slowly, which is how gwen stefani got me to like her album a year after it was released...

ps... pics of your special swimming style would really make me smile!

xolondon said...

Of course you got it!

I grew up to the sound of the synthesizer.

My prize is a handjob, internationally, of course. That's all I ever give away... ;o

D'luv said...

I knew what that was from the first time I came here. That's why I kept coming back. I thought, well, anybody that like's Black Box Recorder's gotta be cool...

D'luv said...

P.S. Yes, when do we get to see a photo of the illustrious XoLondon that isn't from age 7?

Paul said...

wait Luke Haines is from Black Box Recorder? Does that make me incredibly thick not to know that??

mike said...

i clearly have not spent enough time on this blog... this Pool Mix is INCREDIBLE! popmuse xo xolondon!