August 13, 2006

In my Captain CD review below, I referenced several 80's acts... these are groups everyone who loves British music should know! Here they are:

Prefab Sprout Cars And Girls
Single from their 1988 album From Langley Park To Memphis
Prefab Sprout Bonny
Beautiful album track from 1985's seminal Steve McQueen (aka Two Wheels Good)
Deacon Blue Love And Regret
Swoon! My fave song by them, from 1988's When The World Knows Your Name
Deacon Blue Loaded
Single from their perfect 1987 debut, Raintown
XTC King For A Day
Late, poppy XTC from 1989's Oranges And Lemons


Paul said...

wow that starwiped to the comment page. impressive. ps when i left a comment on poppostergirls page the word verification was xoblog; spooky!!

anyway love all those tracks - i feel the need to post the disappointed by xtc and dignity by deacon blue - two tracks i adore

Jason said...

My favorite use of Prefab Sprout is on "Spaced" -- the ridiculously awful track "King of Rock and Roll" that Daisy (Jessica Stevenson) plays at her and Tim's impromptu party, as an example of what she thinks is "good party music"... followed by "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis. Hilarious.