August 30, 2006

80s videos: Missing Persons

Today's videos are by one of my favorite 80's bands, Missing Persons. If you don't know them, be sure to check out their CDs, Spring Session M (1982) and Rhyme & Reason (1984), especially if you are into The Modern or any of the 80s revival bands. If the videos below fail, try this...

Destination Unknown
is their pièce de résistance and their first pop hit. I love all the 80's clichés in this video, especially how the guys sing their backing parts as if they're frozen and the way they all run around in the night a la Duran Duran. Warren Cuccurullo, who went on to be in Duran (!) looks great in this video. I assume it was shot in England, but I think of this band as so very Los Angeles.

Right Now is a boppy, lesser-known single from their second album. Be sure to check out Dale's homemade outfits, the inexplicable Playboy-esque shots of her smiling (with her big open mouth!), and the waves made of plastic sheets. Real fans should see this slightly scary recent TV appearance. I love their thick Jersey accents.

Finally, check out this previous post connecting Dale and Gwen Stefani.


D'luv said...

Wow, sounds like they'd really lost any originality by 1984, at least based on that second song. Is there even a chorus to that song?

"Words" was one of the first videos played to death on MTV back in the day. "Mental Hopscotch" is great too!

When I moved to L.A. seven years ago, the light alternative/pop station here used to play "Walking In L.A." all the time. I actually never knew that song till I moved here.

xolondon said...

No, Rhyme & Reason is a great record (maybe once you know it). Maybe the chorus to "Right Now" doesn't pop if you don't know the song. Some BEAUTIFUL tracks on the second record (probably due Patrick O'hearne or whatever his name was), esp. "If Only For The Moment." It was their 3rd LP (prod by Bernard Edwards) where they no longer had a sound.

Oh, her clothes in the earlier videos are hilarious. If you can call clear plastic bubble and black tape "clothing"!

countpopula said...

Right Now isn't a bad song, just not as iconic as the others. I seem to remember a very beautifully haunting video played possibly twice on MTV for "Surrender Your Heart" that Peter Max helped to create with lots of vivid colors (now that's a great song too). They were actually a bit innovative when it came to videos.

If you check out the video for "Give", you can see how Dale looks like a cross between Debbie Harry & Siouxsie Sioux, only later to be copied by a young Tori Amos for Y Kant Tori Read (sans eyebrows--pre-Little Earthquakes).

V said...

Never did own any Missing Persons records, but I did have some of their hits on a compilation somewhere. Didn't get much into the L.A. new wave bands but MP were pretty cool.

Hey, I like the new layout!

V said...

Ok, this is my second time commenting - blogger confused me.

VH1 Classics recently showed that video of her wearing some mirror-like outfit that barely covered her. And she had all that blonde with the pink/red streak.

They were fun.

Hey, nice going on the new layout!

Trasha said...

i love warren's photos/vids! he's so hot--i want him in my band but not to play an instrument...i want him as my sex slave!