August 10, 2006

1986: Model Turned Singer

Nick Kamen ft. Madonna "Each Time You Break My Heart"

MP3 [expired] Written and produced by Madonna & Pat Leonard. The video is pretty good, except for the fact he dances like Boy George and looks at the microphone like he wants to suck it. What is he wearing, you ask? It's the 80's, I say back. The video is actually filled with Y-list 80's faces like Talisa Soto and the little boy Felix Howard, who also appeared in Madonna's Open Your Heart video, numerous spreads in The Face and grew up to be a songwriter. Nick is now 44, FYI (see Nick in 2002). Here also is a recent Attitude piece on him and some more MP3s. The comments on this post should be amusing!


D'luv said...

How could you not mention Felix Howard's most shining moment -- Sinitta's "Toy Boy" video?

Paul said...

although sinittas shining moment was her so macho video. we all shine in different ways...

i remember not having a crush on nick kamen which is quite weird cuz i was crushing on every guy back then except the bloke from the pogues. ew