July 23, 2006

XO's Neopolitan Sundae Mix

This is the short summer mix I've been playing on my iPod. My "cover star" above is Willam Belli, androgyne minx extraordinaire (and actor). Some of you trolls know him as dick-cut-off-Cherry on Nip/Tuck. Read his not-for-children-or-Republicans blog...it's pretty fucking funny.

"The Songs That We Sing" MP3 / Charlotte Gainsbourg:
Produced by Nigel Godrich and Air. There is nobody cooler than Charlotte. Have I told you that before? She's perfected the French chanteuse vocal on this song, which has a nice circular string thing happening. Can't wait for the CD, out in late August.

"When You Were Young" stream it / Killers:
"We're burning down the highway skyline / On the back of a hurricane that started turning / When you were young." Keane dropped the ball on their important follow-up single and Killers pick it right back up. Bruce-isms abound, especially on the quiet middle eight (1:55). Note that you can find Mp3s of this via Hype Machine.

"Till The Wheels Fall Off" MP3 / Kelis:
Classic Kelis (see her naked!) mixes r'n'b, pop and rock music. This track is more groove than song, but I dig it. From her upcoming Kelis Was Here. The name is pronounced Keh-lease, pronunciation trolls.

"The Stars Are Blind (Tracy Does Paris Mixhow)" MP3 / Paris Hilton:
The (busted) cherry on my sundae. I know what you're thinking, but this shimmery remix is perfect for July. It's air conditioned music.

"Caught Up In You" MP3 / .38 Special:
Southern fried rock from my Georgia youth. Tacky as fuck and really quite goooood!


Paul said...

is nip tuck back yet? If so i am already behind curse it! Nice summer mix... i am starting to have a non sexual crush on the little char...

willam said...

i did fuck a republican once...so i don't mind if they read it so much.