July 25, 2006

Tremble Clef has done it again.
He adds another post to his canon of brilliant writing. In the excitement /anxiety of my trip to Boulder, I failed to mention that I had the opportunity to lunch with Mr. Tremble Clef / Brittle Lemon and we had a very nice time. It's sadly rare to find a kindred music-obsessed person. One that you know would happily separate from you upon entering Virgin Megastore and agree to meet 2 hours later for a quick check-in. Lucky for me, Mr. Tremble Clef (who lives on the other side of the, like, planet!) comes to DC every so often, so I am eager to meet up again and give him a more decent amount of my attention. If you don't read his
blog, do, it really is like no other!


Brittle said...

Aw, thank you, you're too kind and making my cheeks unusually rosy. I should note that I'm not bitter, though I do bend and snap easily. And I believe that if we went to Virgin Megawhore, instead of separating, it's quite likely we'd be fighting each other for the same CDs in every aisle.

xolondon said...

Brittle! I mean Brittle Lemon, not Bitter Lemon. :)