July 2, 2006

Susan Get Down are dirty sluts

..and so is Devian Starr! Mr. Starr, a Californy-ite, often posts on this blog and has developed a super trashy backroom persona for his latest musical endeavour. I mean, he loves Martha Wainwright and serious folky stuff, but now he is showing a new (ass)side on Susan Get Down's uber-electronic song "HotBoxx." It has hilarious, chanted lyrics: Put it in, put it in, put it my hotboxx. Kinky. I keep thinking of Divine stealing meat in Pink Flamingos. After "Babs" serves her family the steak she has shoplifted by hiding it under her dress, she says, "I warmed it up downtown today, in my own little oven."

Apparently SGD's Aural Sexx (Vol. 1) record will "make your asses shake, your cocks hard and your panties drop!" Well, okay then! There's another track called "High Fashion Passion" that has a sort of goth chorus that goes "Touch me under the table" and features a bathroom stall, mm'kay? The music is a good fit with all the indie electronic pop that is developing right now (Dangerous Muse, etc), but I think that Devian may actually be the secret white boy son of Grace Jones.

Hear both tracks at Susan Get Down's myspace page.

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Trasha said...

oh dear! i didn't create a trashy backroom persona to make this record--i got that persona from cruising so many backrooms, rest stops and truck stops! plus, i've had so many foreigners in me, i feel like the united nations! i've earned this damned persona!

but seriously, thank you so much for this beautiful write up. i wish grace jones was my mommy! i bet she wouldn't have given me cold, soapy enemas while she played the piano over and over and over again...that bitch!