July 16, 2006

Razorlight: It's got to be that way.

Johnny Borrell, second from left, is one of the "Dalston set" of musicians who came up in London in the first half of this decade. He's a reformed smack addict who is now more than willing to work the crowd with a very grunge-lovely eek and a lovely riah. Pete Doherty hates him so much he headbutted him (a la Gidane!) at the Leeds Festival last summer!

The new Q Magazine gives the eponymous Razorlight CD 5 stars, as in "Q classic." It's due tomorrow in the UK. At 35 minutes, with 10 tracks, it is supposedly the "best guitar album since Defintely Maybe." Hmmmm! The new single "In The Morning" (
video here) sounds like a cross between RHCP, The Cars and Blondie. Johnny's delivery on the verses is almost "Rapture" like, while he channels Anthony Kiedis on the chorus.

For this post, I have chosen a more sensitive new song, "Los Angeles Waltz." Namechecking Mulholland Drive, Beck and Kings Of Leon, this song is pure Chateau Marmont balladry. Love how it goes soft in the middle eight and Johnny wails, "we own each otherrrrrr." The vamp in the final minute is stunning... it gives me chills!

I find it ridiculous that NME has a contest to win breakfast with the band. Really. Can you imagine? Hangovers, scouser-esque talk, bad breath and greasy hair? Not to mention Whiskey passed under the table at 9 am...

"Doctor Doctor" (new b-side)

Pretty, grimy London boys. I am buying this album.

More reading: Times Online July 14 article / Guardian album review (4 stars) / Independent Review (4 stars)


Paul said...

sometimes i don't get critically acclaimed bands - like razorlight. I figure i should like them cos journos are so busy spunking up over them so they must be good with them, and then i don't get it. Razorlight is one of those bands. I tried to like their new stuff but it didn't really work for me...but what do i know? I paint my bedroom red while listening to SexyBack

xolondon said...

I know you are hurt that I do't like SexyBack. lol

Razorlight are far more poppy rock than they were on their first CD. The album is REALLY GOOD!

Paul said...

i am crying into my crunchy nut cornflakes over your dissing of sexyback. ;) But i still don't get razorlight - i listened to the album twice today and both times it was like work for me. I'm sure it is really good, but its not for me :) Now where the fuck are Travis?

trill42 said...

I really like this song at least! I think it's a trifle too long though. It goes on past its end, if ya know wot I mean. So speaking of Los Angeles and traveling, *cough*, when are you coming to Los Angeles?