July 14, 2006

Nibbly bits

Last night I flew in on a cigarette at 1 am. When I say cigarette, I mean it. Like, El Tiparillo airlines! I had the window and aisle seat because there was just one. When I stood, my head hit the ceiling... Love the massive new Killers single, which had a middle eight that sounds like Springsteen (1:55: "the devil's water..."). It's so instantaneous it may not have legs. Looks to me that, by this time next year, Killers will be in Coldplay sales territory... I also love the beautiful new song by Charlotte Gainsbourg - more on that one soon...Adam Ant (above) is releasing an autobiography this fall...McAlmont and Butler are back for one song only, no physical release (I mean in the CD sense!). It's called Speed and you can hear it at their myspace. It's very them...Did you hear Jarvis Cocker's new song with the word cunt in the title? It's not bad...Whaddya bet that Beyonce is synergistically wearing her own clothing line in her schizo new fashion-shoot of a video? Bouncey sure is ugly, ain't she, and what's the deal with her putting her head in Jay's crotch in the video?...which reminds that Janet Jackson has made no impact at all with her new single. It might as well be a song by Rihanna. So the question is wot will she do to get our attention?...Kofi's Hat has all the deets on the upcoming Depeche Mode releases (DVD and hits)...Robbie Williams has a new Pet Shop Boys-produced song coming soon. It's called She's Madonna!...Alison Goldfrapp looked like shit at T In The Park.


Paul said...

welcome back starshine :) how quickly the killers single leaked! I adore it already :) much more than i adored the comeback single by Keane whose album i am loving more now btw not that you asked. Where is my punctuation!

D'luv said...

Welcome back! I'm hungry, so that's all she wrote for now.... now where is that pack of Twizzlers?