July 15, 2006

My pretty babies...

To celebrate the July 17 release of We Are The Pipettes, whch will surely be in my Top 10 Albums Of The Year, I am posting two poppin' b-sides from the white and yellow 7" of Pull Shapes. You know a group is good when they are thowing away songs that could have easily been on the album...

Magician Man expired
Sort of The Pipettes meets The Doors meets Judy Collins. The spoken narrative part is clever, but it's the strong folksinger vocals that tip this song to brilliance. I mean it: better than many of the album tracks.

Guess Who Ran Away With The Milkman expired
Another track worthy of Pipettes lore, this is very 1950's old school girl group. It amazes me that I like this stuff because I don't like those old Motown groups at all!

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1 comment:

Paul said...

oh you know i love these broads but their dresses make my eyes go funny. Viva their tour in September :)