July 22, 2006

Meet Paolo Nutini

Paul turned me onto Paolo Nutini, the lippy 19 yr. old pictured above. Actually he is lips, emo hair and old voice.

When I heard the single, the Carole-King-meets-Van Morrison-esque "Last Request" (watch him on TOTP), I dismissed him as a corporate clone in the wake of James Blunt, who does not thrill me at all. My first reaction may very well be true, but Paul guided me to the title track of Nutini's debut album These Streets and all was well. I mean, it even namechecks streets - a surefire way for me to like a song.

After some investigation, I decided that Paolo's quite good. Don't be fooled by the name: he is from Paisley, Scotland. The sound is soul troubadour. Articles and reviews cite influences from the cliched (Ray Charles) to the worthy (David Gray) to the inspired (John Martyn). He's been the only opener for several Stones shows at 19 (see pic below)! I hope he survives it - Lily Allen seems to be melting down in public and she is older.

For my upload, I chose this burnished track...well, all of them are burnished...

Paolo Nutini "White Lies"

Paolo links:
mypsace page / Guardian live show review / indieLondon album review / Gigwise album review

A few readers who might like him:
Joanna and The Wyckoff Correspondent, in particular.


Paul said...

yay - i love a bit of conversion! good for me - and you :) These Streets is utterly glorious :) And last request remains my favourite song of the mo despite strong comp from Justin, Scissters, Killers and McFly...

plus i have decided he is quite the alterna-hottie

Trasha said...

he is very good...love the smooth voice--he's so young! i can't wait to hear him when he's in his early 30's.

xolondon said...

It is always interesting to see who strikes your fancy, ya ol' cunt! And you too, Cunty Bitch. (heh heh!)

Trasha said...

i love many kinds of music, you bitch! ha! :) i especially love the kind of music paolo does...i began my "career" in music doing stuff very similar... <3