July 6, 2006

the last male rock star?

INXS "Never Tear Us Apart"

MP3 - One of the great ballads of my youth. Filmed in moodily overcast Prague. My favorite part is just after the sax solo, when Michael crosses briskly across the screen. How cool. This was the look I never achieved! Michael was a male fashion star and he will always be [DOT DOT DOT] forever young.


babs said...

I loved this video and song. When I had Vh-1 classic, it was one of the ones that appearaed. Having been to Prague, I was telling my friend where they were. That's the Charles Bridge, those are the pretty roofs. That's the Jan Hus memorial. Sigh.

Paul said...

what a great song - i don't remember ever seeing the video before but its very pretty. i like the upper room version of this song too... JD Fortune is no replacement :(