July 29, 2006

Hold onto your kite

A chance to hear and see some of the artists/songs I have promoted on this blog in the past 8 months...

The Divine Comedy "To Die A Virgin"on Jools Holland, 2006

Lily Allen "Smile" T4 Pop Beach, 2006

The Kooks "Naive" T In The Park, 2006

Razorlight "In The Morning" Top Of The Pops, 2006

The Pipettes "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" Album Chart Show, 2006


countpopula said...

Thanks for all your hard youtube searching! Much appreciated! Love the Divine Comedy, as always (Mr. Hannon is such a great writer), and Razorlight has come a long way. Lily Allen was pleasantly endearing, although her inexperience looms larger than Madonna doing "Like a Virgin" on the MTV awards back in the day. Kooks are decent, but I have to admit that I was almost taken in by that Pipettes thing until this live document proves that they can neither sing nor pretend that they can. And their band is truly awful, sounding like a pitiful imitation of the recording. Other than that, they are cute to look at and have a fun style. I'm afraid I'll take Goldfrapp or the Minogues over them any day of the week. Heck, even the ladies from the B-52's had excellent voices for while being untrained singers.

xolondon said...

Awww poor Pipettes! They were not THAT bad. :) Lily has done really well with most of her appearance. Her radio session a few weeks ago was GREAT.

Kooks are sweet and I love them. That singer is like a nice teenager, as opposed to Johnny Borrell who is a throwback to 70's cockrock stars.

Love Neil Hannon's glasses in that clip, btw.

I didn't go out tonight so consequently I went on a YouTube jag - my eyes are bloodshot and my posture is fucked!

Paul said...

lily is great - a little young and naive but she has great presence. glad to see she is in the papers today claiming all the stories about her drugginess over the past week are bollocks... darren totally agrees with count popula over the pipettes. he refused to come and see them because he thought they could not hold the smallest of tunes. ruthless and i disagree and will be there in polka dot dresses on the opening night of their tour.

i STILL can't get into razorlight (i tried!) and i keep meaning to check more of the kooks out but just haven't had time.

fun videos though dudette :)