July 23, 2006

He, She or It?

So I finally found the Popjustice reference to me and it's sort of strange!

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We've not spoken about Lorraine much in a good long while. We've left it to others to pick up that particular baton.

Such as this 'person'.

Thankfully, they are making a very good job of it, and like a lot more than just Lorraine. (Phew, et-cetera.)


Well yes, thanks, I am actually a 'person'! You don't even need quotes around that one...but thanks for the shout-out nonetheless. I also noticed I have a -6 in my "rating"!!


D'luv said...

Ha Ha! I got banned from there a month ago. I was only ever on for that brief couple weeks... got some great traffic from my shamelss self-promoting signature on all my comments there :-)

Paul said...

ugh, i'm a delicate flower so i can't cope with the popjustice boards. i may shatter. i do read them though. Where else can you find people so in love with a clea b-side?

i was gonna say something nice then but i got distracted by our hunky new concierge walking past and had to beckon darren. But i meant to send you the email from PJ and forgot...

Forgive me? ;)

DanProject76 said...

I should have mentioned it but I forgot as well. Oops.