July 6, 2006

BritPop News Flash 1

On August 14, The Divine Comedy release the droll "To Die A Virgin" as their next single. It'll be available in the following formats:

CD 1: 1. To Die A Virgin 2. Pamplemousse
CD 2: 1. To Die A Virgin 2. Absolute Power 3. Our Mutual Friend (demo) 7": 1. To Die A Virgin 2. Long Slow Suicide

But wait! There's more! Neil has collaborated with Mrs. Xolondon, Charlotte Gainbourg, on her English language album 5:55. 'The Song That We Sing' will be the first single and the album, produced by Nigel Godrich, is released in France on August 28th. I fucking amour her. She has the most horny parents on Earth and a prominent role on one of Madonna's finest songs.

The Divine Comedy "To Die A Virgin"

courtesy TDC website and NME

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