July 29, 2006

Bertine Zetlitz primer

Bertine's music is hard for Los Americanos to get. Owning the CDs requires jumping through hoops of fire with large wads of cash. Her webpages are not in English, so that's tricky and she is a bit ghostly on blogs/"f" networks. You really have to desire Bertine to find her. Here are some videos and songs from this 31 year old Oslo girl...

Video: Girl Like You

From 2003's Sweet Injections. Notice visual elements of Madonna's Sorry and PSB's Minimal in this video done by Bertine 3 years ago. Umm-hmmm. Probably her best song, though not her best video.

Song: Girl Like You exp
From 2003's Sweet Injections. Recorded in London, the music is more ambient and ethereal than her recent work. The legendary [cough! hack!] Richard X produced this tune, which sounds like Enya doing electropop.

Video: Ah Ah

A short slice of ice, this 2005 video is Madonna-quality, at least when The Lady didn't do "party" videos. It's beautiful to look at and the snow bits remind me of Salmonberries. Not sure who the black guy is, but he adds a nice visual element. Notable as Jessica at Dirrrtypop's fave Bertine song. Jessica is also a longtime Bertine fan and a friend to all blonds from snowy places.

Song: Wicked Wonderboys exp
Rollerskating was a more staccato, funk-inspired affair. Produced by Fred Ball in a studio on Portbello Rd. it seems to be most people's favorite, though I am not so sure about it. This song is a bit more subdued than most of the CD.

Video: Fake Your Beauty

You can't help but think of Björk when you see this woods/nymph video. Bertine looks great in the black dress at the end. Also from Rollerskating.

Song: Beautiful So Far exp
Pretty midtempo title track from her 2000 album. Ambient and lush, as I say everything is. "I want the tigers to ignore you and then follow me" It should be noted that this more organic album was produced by Tore Johansson of The Cardigans.

Before you go do something more mundane, you should read Brittle's 2004 Annie vs. Bertine throwdown. Guess who won? Extra points to Brittle for noting the use of the conditional tense on one of B's songs and for this sentence: here Bertine completely makes the baby Jesus cry. Brilliant! I want to print out all his blogs and publish them as a book on pop music (hint hint).

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Brittle said...

Great primer! I would still like to be considered the president of Bertine's fanclub, but you can be the honorary treasurer or something. I hadn't seen the GLYou video before -- I think YouTube wasn't even around when I was first obsessed with the song -- so especial thanks for that. I LOVE the shot of the kiwi fruit breaking up, and I crave those blue gloves.

A tip to help you like "Wicked Wonderboys" (indeed one of my faves) better: try listening to it on headphones as you walk down a city street. When I do it I just feel fabulously graceful and like I'm gliding on air. And while I also love "Ah-Ah," the video/radio mix is little less "tough" sounding than the original, which has a faux-Timbaland beat. Oh, and the black man's name totally escapes me, but he also duets with Bertine on Rollerskating's title track.

If you have any trouble finding any of Bertine's stuff, xo, drop me an email. So that I can tell you where to officially buy stuff, that is. Ahem. (Actually, her first album -- the only record of hers that's just good, rather than awesome -- got a US release, and you can probably still get it off Amazon for a dollar or something.)

Oh, and thanks for more nice words about my writing. I can't take credit for the "baby Jesus" locution, though -- it's something that people at Television Without Pity said a lot a few years back, and I am a thief.