July 28, 2006

As promised...

Bertine Zetlitz. The amazing new single and video,"500"

"You know I have been sweet on you forever, that's why I have been stealing all your stuff" MP3

I know darklings, I am late to this party. Thanks to Tremble Clef (who has championed Bertine since, like, the birth of blogs) and Homo Eclectic (also tuned in early). Watch this space for more Bertine videos and MP3s this weekend. I am stormin' toward the zeitgeist!


Paul said...

its still fashionable to be late though isn't it? God i hope so, cos i really like this little slice of pop joy

xolondon said...

I like this video more each time I watch it. Janet Jackson should take note b/c I am sure it cost$ a 10th of "Call on Me." All it takes is a little acting and a little style, both of which Bertine does quite well.