May 27, 2006

Unnecessary Post #560: Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud have been on terrrr (as they say) in Australia and I have only just started seeing them on video and in interviews on YouTube. Below are two clips. The first is an inteview on Davina's show this past March (I could listen to Nadine Coyle talk all day! Werrr is she from?)

The second video is what Davina refers to in the interview - Nadine singing Sting's Fields Of Gold. If she'd done that on American Idol they would have loved her. Am I right, ye Briddish, that it seems like Cheryl and Nadine are the only ones who really have solo potential?


xolondon said...

oh wait, Nadine is IRISH isn't she?!

Paul said...

o xo - yes indeedy nadine is irish and having watched the completely unnecessary girls aloud doc on E4 channel over the past six weeks i would say its probably only her who could go solo.... there was some uproar when she got into irish popstars group SIX then was found to be underage... still it all worked out for the best :)

Adrian said...

That episode of the Irish Popstars was HILARIOUS. Nadine on the phone to her mother crying down the line "what date of birth did I give mommy, what date of birth? where's my passport mommy, mah passport?"

It's just too funny for words.

Nadine's accent, by the way, is a Derry accent. There are very regional accents in Ireland, with those of Northern Ireland being particularly strong.