May 27, 2006

S&G for your complete instruction...

Like any great short story, PSB's The Sodom And Gomorrah Show begins with a great line: "I lived a quiet a life / A stranger to champagne." Though I could do without the circus barker intro, this song is the perfect summer pop single that will never be. Neil Tennant wanted it to be a single, but his label said hell would freeze over before they put out a radio track with a title like that. "It's not about having anal sex," laughed Neil in the April Word magazine.

"S&G" is perhaps the most chugging, guitar based song on the record, but it retains its pop bona fides due to a killer melody and lots of "high end" information for the ear, little blips and other things to get excited about:

  1. The chant of the chorus: Sun! Sex! Sin! Divine Intervention! Death and Destruction!
  2. The song has a backroom sex implication to it, but joyously so: "I did it and I don't regret the day..." It's not exactly a cautionary tale, but the death and destruction does remind one that nothing is forever or without price.
  3. I love how the girl chorus gaily chants the Sun Sex hook in the background at the bridge. Very sweet.
  4. The swirly synth bits, first heard at about :35, are very carnival-esque aren't they. The message to me? Get your ass down to Rio, get some drinks, get some dick/pussy/both and get a life.

I think many of us have either been in this situaton or watched it from afar: someone who lives very carefully, shelters themselves properly from anything too intense or crazy. Then, something/ someone trips the wire, they're sprung free and all fucking hell breaks loose - there's a sexy beast inside. Growls are heard, scratches appear on backs.

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orange anubis said...

i think sodom & g is a new peak of brilliance for the Boys, absolute fantastic campery with a great message. will write about this album at some point, possibly after another 6000 or so listens!