May 6, 2006

RIP Grant McLennan

Tragic news. The lovely Grant McLennan died today. If you don't know him, he was a founding member of the brilliant Austalian group Go-Betweens, a seminal 80's pop band who had recently started releasing music again. Grant also had a very decent solo career. I love the picture of him above - his face tells you he was a friendly guy, doesn't it?

A few songs to recommend:

Grant solo: "In Your Bright Ray" "Simone and Perry" and "Lighting Fires"
"Bye Bye Pride" "Streets Of Your Town"

I intend to update this post soon with MP3s so you can hear what a great musician he was. He was only 48 and died in his sleep; I feel so sorry for all those who loved him - at least his music doesn't die.


Paul said...

wow that was is so sad - i had some go between songs on a mix cd my friend did a while back. My thoughts are with his friends and family at this time :(

trill42 said...

Very sad news, all the moreso because he was so young. It's such a loss for his loved ones. At least the rest of us got more great music from him than most musicians ever create... That is indeed such a great picture of him. :(