May 10, 2006

PW: Working for joy on overtime

Patrick Wolf Daily News. Patty boy has...

1) Recorded a cover of the Beach Boys song "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" for a Pet Sounds tribute CD due in summer or fall.
2) Been lovingly praised in a
big-ass Playlouder review of the March 30 show. Includes fab pictures.
3) Recorded a duet with no less than Marianne Faithfull (!) called "The Magpie."
4) Gone a bit geisha on his
official site, which is closed until summer.
5) Gotten so ill that he's postponed the CD until fall. Brrrr.
5) Been on Youtube, which has a lot of Wolfie clips, including the
sultry video for the epic "Wind In The Wires."

Sick of Patrick on my blog? I don't care. You wouldn't understand. Good sons like you NEVER DO.


orange anubis said...

well i'm new around here but surely you can't have too much patrick wolf on a blog? that's silly.

ps the beach boys song is perfect for him. have fainted at the marianne faithfull news

Paul said...

i was ignorant to the charms of Mr Wolf til i read your lovely words and then BAM! the very same day there is a tiny mention of him in NME... will be checking him out and getting back to ya...