May 14, 2006

PSB Update

Check out this excellent new interview with Neil and Chris in The Times Online. In it, Neil claims to have never been in a pub, ever! This is actually the best of the various pieces I have read for this album.

Watch a 2 minute Making Of for the new video. Note how Neil looks like such an intellectual in street clothes and glasses.

Euphoric has terrific video of various TV appearances and interviews in the last week.

I am holding further comments on the CD until the UK release (May 22) is nearer. The US release is late June.


Paul said...

there is also a great interview in Q and Attitude magazines this month, though a little similar... have you read them?

D'luv said...

I bought the issues of Q and British GQ, plus the issue of The Word with them on the cover. Which month of Attitude is it?

trill42 said...

That is an awesome interview.

"Imagine getting the label to say: ‘The great new Pet Shop Boys single — Kisses on the Wind’." Heh...