May 1, 2006

Keeping an open mind on Keane

First Keane released a new single that ripped off Zooropa-era U2. Now they have released the truly awful video to go with it! It reminds me of how SNL skits have a gimmick that goes on too long...this video has an irritating conceit that should have ended in the first minute. Boo hiss!

As for the new album, how about a legal teaser? Below are two high quality live recordings of new songs that will appear on the CD. Both tracks are from their last tour, so expect changes to the songs when you hear the official versions. They are dull as dishwater the first few listens, but then open up over repeated listens, sort of like their last album did.

"Hamburg Song"
Pretty ballad - wonder what they'll do with it in the studio? I think it would benefit from some the vocal effects tricks that made Tori Amos's "China" sound so ethereal. This song needs to sound feather light.

"Nothing In Your Way"
I liken this to a Keane album track like "Can't Stop Now" - gets catchy over time, especially the final third. It has been retitled "Nothing In My Way" on the CD.

1 comment:

Paul said...

i am so disillusioned with Keane. This is worse than when NKOTB came back with Dirty Dawg :( Still - hamburger song is pretty, its been around for awhile now.... I will still purchase their second album and probably have it on repeat for a while in the hope that I will be seduced all over again, especially as they will be at the V festival this year...

plus the pianist is kinda cute. in the dark - with the right haircut...